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Martial Arts for Kids

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Martial Arts for Adults

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United States Taekwondo

What Our Students Learn

  • Easy to learn and effective self-defense
  • The fun way to get in shape.
  • A fantastic physical education supplement.

Most people associate martial arts with self-defense. But, you might be surprised at the wide range of harmful issues the martial arts protect against.

Defense Against Violence
Daily headlines remind us of how common violent attacks are in our daily lives. 

Defense Against Negative Influences
Martial artists develop a positive mental outlook on life. 

Defense Against Quitting
Students learn how to create goals and follow through without quitting. 

Defense Against Mediocrity
The Black Belt Attitude (BBA) is a commitment to excellence in all areas of life. The BBA question is, “How would a black belt do this? How would a black belt study in school? What kind of job would a black belt do?"

The BBA creates a personal life standard that motivates our students to live out their full potential.

Defense Against an Unhealthy Lifestyle
Each class is a cross-training workout that students hardly notice. Because the martial arts is exciting to learn, students focus more on the techniques than the exercise.  In short, students are getting in great shape doing what they enjoy.

Defense Against Distraction
Focus is like a muscle. It has to be exercised or it will weaken. Our students develop Black Belt Focus and that helps at school, on the job, and at home.

James Lockett, Master Teacher (Really)

childrens karate in buda

Master Instructor James Lockett, M.Ed.

Martial artists throw the title "master" around a lot but United States Taekwondo has a real master instructor. USTKD is the only martial arts school in the Buda area whose Master Instructor also has a Masters Degree in Education. James Lockett brings the rare combination of 10-years of teaching in the school system with 20-years of teaching taekwondo.

What is Taekwondo?

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art, characterized by its emphasis on kicking with exciting jumping and spinning kicks.


Kwon–Striking with the hands.

Do–The Art. 

martial arts buda, tx
childrens karate in buda

Our School. Your Kids.
Let's Get Them Together!

TKD for Kids

  • How to focus without distraction.
  • When and how to use self-defense.
  • Self-control, respect, and courtesy for others.
  • How to get into shape and make it a lifestyle.
  • How to stand up for themselves
  • Character, confidence and commitment.
  • How to develop a positive outlook on life.

Why Martial Arts for Kids is a Great Choice

Go To Center
We are proud that our Martial Arts school has become a “go to” center of learning and growth for children and teenagers in our area. At USTKD, our goal is simple. Provide the best instruction, leadership, and guidance possible for your child.

How Do We Do It?
Though we uphold the martial arts traditions of respect, courtesy, and self-discipline, we are forward-thinking and action-oriented and stay on the cutting edge of martial arts instruction.

Though we are professional instructors, we see ourselves as lifelong students. That’s why we are proud members of the Martial Arts Teacher’s Association (MATA). MATA helps to keep us on the latest developments on teaching a strong, safe, and professional program.

Our Focus
Our focus on success for your child is second to none. We work hard and expect our students to do so as well. We believe children have a lot more in them than they know. Our mission is to help them realize their full potential physically and mentally.

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martial arts for kids in buda

Feeling Fit and Confident!

USTKD for Adults

Martial arts has multiple benefits for adults, just as they do for kids and teens. In fact, adults are likely much more in need of the physical and psychological boosts that martial arts provides.

Everyone has the same excuses for not exercising. The truth is that when any adult finds an activity that is exciting, fun, and mentally engaging, the excuses go out the window. 

Mind and Body
Few activities have the multiple benefits of mental and physical fitness as martial arts.

Left and Right Side
Every technique you learn is performed and perfected on both sides of your body. Obviously, you can’t ask an attacker to, “Wait, let me change sides!” Beyond the self-defense advantage, learning skills on both sides creates bi-lateral coordination and a healthy balance for your body.

Upper and Lower Body
In addition to the hand and elbow strikes, we will teach you, you will also learn how to kick. Kicking is fun and effective. Your leg is a longer, stronger weapon than your arm. You’ll learn powerful, effective kicks for self-defense, but you’ll also learn some kicks that are more based on a fun athletic challenge than a practical self-defense application.

Focus and Concentration
Martial arts requires a lot of concentration. You need to master the techniques and increase your mental awareness.

Balance and Coordination
Martial arts develops excellent balance and coordination. This is important for adults as they age. They may not be as steady as they used to be. You’ll hear about some active adults falling and hurting themselves. Martial arts is a great way to help you increase your balance and coordination.

Social Network
Moving up through the belt ranks with your classmates is a unique shared experience that often leads to lifelong friendships and professional connections.

adult karate in buda
adult karate in buda
adult karate in buda

"This school is amazing!"

    review rating 5  We are very happy with Master Lockett. Hi is an excellent instructor. I would definetly recommend his classes.

    thumb Claudia Travers

    review rating 5  Great instructor with a lot of experience. My kid loves the classes.

    thumb nelson travers

    review rating 5  My son has been in Taekwondo for 7 years. He is very serious about his Taekwondo and represents the attitude of a black belt. He is working on his second degree black belt. We went to every Taekwondo school in the Austin area. My son picked The United States Taekwondo school as the school he wanted to work on his second degree black belt. His Master is experience and also taught in Korean. He is very knowledgeable about Taekwondo. I recommend the school to anyone who wants a really good instructor for Taekwondo. This school is also very affordable.

    thumb Karren Cortright

    review rating 5  Mr. Lockett is a natural teacher. He is very good at what he does, and really, really wants everyone else to get it too. He was a guest instructor at the Mobile Arc Martial Arts Club, teaching people with developmental disabilities, and many years later we still benefit from his insight.

    thumb Julie Pittman
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